Miju Sajin Club

General information

Miju Sajin Club is a photography club consisted of thirty-some members residing in Southern California.

Members are enthusiastic and energetic to produce beautiful and meaningful photos to enrich their lives. Regularly we gather once a week to discuss photography issues and techniques. We also encourage each other through reviewing photos and exchanging valuable knowledge in photography.

Often we go Photography field trips of extended days as well as one-day field trips together. Also, we run a Photography Class twice a year to provide an opportunity for peoples who want to learn photography in a classroom environment and to join the Miju Sajin Club.

2014 February

Dialogue with Nature, at the Independence Bank

2016 Jul. 6 – Aug. 26

California Beautiful, at City of Buena Park

2018 Feb. 10 – April 1

Perspectives of Enlightenment, at Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center

2021 April – June

4th exhibition scheduled at Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center

To join Miju Sajin Club

1. A person who finished the photography class sponsored by the Mijusajin club
2. A person who has some experience in photography and has the basic knowledge of operating a digital camera